What’s the point?

As human beings, we seek love to make us feel better. We are in the constant search for the other half  to complete ourselves, like a two-pieces jigsaw puzzle. We look for a lover who will wash away our shame and regrets, but love us regardless. We haunt for someone to accept us as we are. We pursue a partner that gives us what we don’t have. We chase love in every turn and every up and down of our lives and we strive for that person to believe us, to put us first, to push the boundaries, to sustain us, to make us feel better, alive, loved, cared and listened. We force ourselves to think that “I” and “you” don’t exist anymore when a couple is formed, but is it so? Do we lose our individuality when we marry somebody? Should the love for the other we’ve chosen overcast the love for ourselves? No, I don’t think so. But I do believe that when you truly love you put yourself to the side, just a bit for the “we”, the “us” to unfold. That new being that we gave birth to together. That “me plus you”. The fulfilled puzzle. You and me.  But it’s not like this for everyone. There are people with such a glorious self-esteem, such a huge confidence, so deaf and blind to reality that even when they carefully chose to be the other part of a couple they can’t put to an end their self-centered nature. Their universe is composed by only two planets, themselves and their sun (their reason).

You should listen. You should support with words and presence. You should forget about your little daily duties if your other half is struggling. If your lover is bleeding and bending over backwards. You should stop and stand still. Listen. Be there for them. And do anything and more to help them out. Listen again. More carefully this time.
This is what love is. Any type of love involve the ability “to be there”. If you chose to be that missing part of the jigsaw, then Be there.
Listen. To the words, but also to the silences in between.

Bangkok’s Lovers

‘Cos your love doesn’t exist if your world doesn’t shake when on mine there is a whacking earthquake.