Make a Good Story

I watched this video today and it was just the kind of reminder I needed to hear the clock ticking again. It was like a slap on my face which forced me to think that I should do something about my life. Something better and more meaningful.

Who’s not scared of dying without accomplishing his/her dreams? Who can face the idea of living this world without leaving behind some sort of legacy? Or better, who isn’t scared of death?

I am and I guess most of you are too. But how are we meant to write a good story, to use Stephen Cave‘s words, if we are constantly trying to cope with work, family, children, pressure and money? How are we meant to find the time to fill those pages in the book that is our life? How can we make this book a “best-seller” (again using his metaphor). I still have to find out. Someone told me that the solution isn’t trying to do something big, but to find happiness  in the little things of everyday’s life. I have tried, but it’s not for me. I need pace, I need excitment, I need stress too, probably. But most of all I need to feel my blood running through my veins first of all, in order to feel. To feel anything.

I have decided that my 2014 first resolution is that every single day, I will find time to do something that I REALLY like doing. It might be something little, like reading or something more demanding like writing. Or it could just be a swim or a ride.

But now I know that every day I should find a way to say:

“Thank you for another good day”.

This is the plan, let’s see if I can stick to it! 🙂

  • Vorrei provarci anche io… Fare Ogni giorno qualcosa che mi piace … Almeno una!!! Ma sto avendo paura … 2 giorni sono bastati per farmi sentire nuovamente una rana bollita…
    Perché? Sono sempre io… La stessa di 20 giorni fa…
    Eppure oggi mi sentivo spenta
    Devo trovarmi un hobby o un secondo lavoro per bilanciare la luce accecante del neon

    • Ciao cara, scusa il ritardo.. ho messo il blog un po’ da parte nelle ultime settimane 🙁
      Io sto guardando proprio in questi giorni dei nuovi corsi da fare. Interessi “repressi” che non ho coltivato in passato. Si, ho capito che imparare mi fa sentire Viva.

      Un abbraccio