The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.
– Albert Camus


Is that true? Is that possible?

I have been questioning what Freedom is for a long time. And I have been wondering if I was free. Am I? What does really mean to be free?

I had some great input and answers on my instagram pool and while I agreed with some answers, I couldn’t understand others.

For some it’s “the ability to positively direct our lives” (@simplysimmybee), for others is the sensation felt while sitting on the top of a moutain in Ireland or in front of the ocean in awe of Mother’s Earth beauty (, and for some is “time to spend with loved ones and things for ourselves (@Janne)

But what is Freedom?

For the Oxford Dictionary, Freedom is

the condition or right of being able or allowed to do, say, think, etc. whatever you want to, without being controlled or limited.

Taking this definition as a parameter, I doubt we could really be free. In any society, there are restrictions that don’t allow us to say, do or sometimes even think what we want. We respect other people’s feelings so we wouldn’t tell them if they look fat or if they are boring, right? (Well, unless you are an a**hole!)  We wouldn’t kill someone, would we? Some thoughts are also forbidden by some religions or cultures around the world. So, are we really free? We can’t always speak our thoughts and we can’t do everything we want without hurting someone or being outlaw, i.e. living in a country without the legitimate visa, killing, hurting, offending….

So, are we really free?

I acknowledge that we are much, much free-er than our ancestors, most of all us, women, in the Western world have achieved more in the last 50 years than in the previous thousands.

But F R E E D O M as expressed by the dictionary would be only achievable in complete isolation on top of a mountain or on Mars, where our actions wouldn’t affect other people’s lives. That level of freedom isn’t possible on our world.

However, for me Freedom is not the ability to do or say what I want. Freedom is the possibility to choose. It is the possibility to do the right thing for me (and others) in the right way and in the right moment. Freedom is the ability to let go of things that don’t add value to our lives so that we can focus on those who do. Freedom is the capacity to spend time doing the things we love and enjoy rather than being caged in doing what we are supposed to do. It’s freedom of choice.

Our society doesn’t allow that. We live to work and no longer work to live. Of course basic needs have to be fulfilled but consumerism have pushed us to pursue more than we can spend. The American dream transplanted a bit all over the world has made us slave of money and material possessions, on an endless and non-sense pursuit of more. More of what, you are asking? More of everything. How many televisions have you got in your house? How many smartphones? How many dresses or pair of shows you own? Whatever is the answer, they are too many. Advertising and social pressure makes us believe we need all of this, but we don’t.

We are no longer devoting time to have E N O U G H , we are wasting our lives to have more.

We can never be free if we don’t free ourselves of useless needs and superficial necessities that weight us down and fill our days and weeks for the majority of our awaken hours.

Could we have a better life if we had all the money in this world?

The answer is yes, for some who struggle to survive, but the reality is that over a certain threshold, there is no difference. There’s luxury, of course, but what’s the purpose of that? It’s just like fake filling, not real, not necessary.

And so, like many people I believe, we are not really free.

Not in the true, purest sense of Freedom.

But like many others, I believe w e c a n b e f r e e, we can make decisions to free up space in our lives, we can change the directions when things are not going as we want. We can turn things around more often than we believe.


Notes – the above is obviously a generalisation of our society, I’m well-aware that there are so many people struggling to get to the end of the month, or even have enough for the day or that are submitted to live in poverty or slavery.


  • Freedom – is the Oxford dictionary meaning of this word extant in today’s world? I suppose it’s dependent upon which viewpoint this is perceived from and culture, religion, personal opinions and social ideology all play an important role. We all observe freedom from different perspectives including the perspective to warp the original meaning of freedom. Ultimately are any of us ever truly free? There are some scientific scholars who believe, to be attached to wordly / physical possesions means one can never truly be free; at least not in this physical life-form (if you believe in the after-life)? What I do feel blessed with is the fact I am free to write my thoughts here and share this with my friends and others to base their own free opinions.
    Sonni Modi AKA Steakth_HQ on IG

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Sonni – I totally missed your comment. Huge apologies, I will be much faster from now on as I hope to share more content here too.
      I agree with you and actually, that was the whole meaning of my post: we are no longer truly free to do whatever we like, but this isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually the evolution of a civilised world, in which we are lucky to live in.
      Keep reading and sharing, loved your words.

  • Freedom is not being enslaved or imprisoned. By this definition we are free.
    We can think freely, without fear of persecution.

    I sound like Spiderman when I say freedom is power, and with great power comes great responsibility.
    So just because we “can” say or do anything to prove we are free, we don’t need to. The feelings of others are important. As are the feeling of 3rd parties. (I wonder how street photography subjects feels about their image being uploaded to social media) Is that an infringement of their liberty? We have a duty to the ones we love, and those less fortunate not to take liberties with our freedom by squeezing theirs.

    To be truly free is to be truly selfish, I don’t think that is always desirable. It can be isolating, by being part of team you lose freedom but you gain empathy and compassion. That said I was happiest and my most free when I went travelling, but sometimes I treated people meanly because I wanted to defend my freedom and independence.

    • I totally agree with you Duncan. In fact that was exactly the point I wanted to make. Freedom is such a controversial word and can be misunderstood and lead people to think that as we are lucky enough to leave in a free country, it means we can do ‘anything’. Maybe we can, but that doesn’t mean we should, just to prove a point, right? Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Next post on the 24hrs project 🙂

  • Much like a lot of “ideas”, freedom as defined by dictionaries merely describes the word. The very idea of freedom, I believe, is a state of mind. It is what you want it to be. Whether you live within the essence of your belief of what freedom is, or not, is what makes you question if you truly are free.

    • I agree with you and that’s why I started with that description, I was trying to be provocative and get people think outside the box. From the comments I got here (and on my instagram), I think I succeeded in my mission.

      I agree with you, Freedom (for most part of the world), is a state of mind and a way of living and we have the power to be or not be free. Again, it’s choice as so many other things in life.

      Thank you for your comment! 🙂