Digital Nomads Trail: Yab Yum, Goa | India

I had heard of Tripzuki through some friends who had mentioned they had the coolest accommodations in India and since I am one of the many digital nomads around the world, I thought this was going to be the perfect place for a week or so of work & relax. I had a look online and I was impressed by the number and diverse accommodation they have in their portfolio. Tripzuki, a young, hip start-up provides travellers in India with local expertise, advice and inspiration, underpinned by a gorgeous collection of unique, well-run, ‘boutique’ hotels, all of which are directly bookable via their website.

Set in a coconut jungle just off one of the best and most tranquil beaches in North Goa, this intimate, eco-friendly boutique resort is the perfect place for all digital nomads looking to get some work done while chilling by one of the most popular beaches in India.

The hobbit-like, long-haired, eco-conscious 14 huts are itself a great attraction of the Yub Yum, in fact when I moved there I quickly extended by stay by a couple of nights.

One of the things I loved the most there, was the fact I had no need to wear shoes or flip flops, in fact these where forgotten by my hut for the entire stay 🙂 The lovely sandy path takes you from the entrance gate to the beach, the restaurant and the reception. Even to go to the nearby restaurants/café you can forget your sandals and just enjoy being barefoot for a while, especially at night when the sand is enjoyable cold.

Yab Yum isn’t a luxury resort, but it’s the perfect place if you are looking for peace, privacy and a very good vibe.

On top of the huts there are also 5 cottages (with A/C) by the beach, but personally I turned down one of them to try the adventure of being in a hairy beach-hut. Oh! If there is one thing I like to spoil myself with when travelling is breakfast in bed or in my bedroom. So, when I found out that at Yab Yum, a rich and generous breakfast is served just outside your dome, every morning, well, I knew it was going to be looove!

✪ Perfect for:
Digital nomads, remote workers, online entrepreneurs, family, couples looking for a romantic stay or a perfect honeymoon on the beach

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  • Zinara

    This sounds so much fun! I love such cottages and cabanas like Yab Yum – not luxurious but done with a unique concept, and hey, this one comes along with a massive brekkie! Bonus haha! Walking barefoot on the softest sand is one of my favorite things, too.

  • I like accommodations that are the destination themselves. And this one seems to fit the bill. The architectural style and details are undoubtedly unique. I’ve always been curious about Goa and reading bloggers talk about it does not help to quell that curiosity.

  • Sonia Sahni

    Such a cute cottage! I go to Go every year and would love to stay here this time. I would love to find such a place in South Goa as well as that Iis so much quieter.

  • Riely Mills

    This would be the ideal spot to relax and get some work done in peace. The quiet atmosphere, sandy beaches and peaceful huts all sound lovely. Who needs a luxury resort when you have your personal space away from the crowds. Thanks for sharing.

  • Gareth Thompson

    As an aspiring Digital Nomad myself, choosing an affordable base from which to work from really is a must. It is always difficult to find somewhere that is not only cheap but also enjoyable and even inspiring and Goa certainly does tick all of those boxes. A really great post!

  • As soon as you said it was set in a coconut jungle, I was convinced! What a cool place to stay and a great option for digital nomads. Looks very private and serene.

  • Wow! Not only does this place look like paradise, but it’s also so cute and unique! It reminds me so much of Bali. Definitely not your usual hotel or hostel! I agree, this looks like the perfect place to do some work… but it looks so cozy and homey that I’d probably sleep more than work!

  • You had me at coconut jungle! It looks like a great place to stay and work for a few days, being by the ocean is so calming and being able to relax in this little slice of paradise is surely good for workflow!

  • This place looks stunning. Spending time in Goa is amazing. Love the way the huts have been designed. I shall look this up the next time I plan for a trip to Goa.