Digital Nomads Trail – Stay Connected at MAADS while in Cambodia

digital nomads cambodia

Are you another digital nomad thinking to skip Cambodia because you’ve heard that the wifi is s*%t?

Please rethink.

Like most of you know, since I’ve left my corporate job in London two years ago, I’ve been doing all sort of gigs and jobs to sustain my travels while slowly finding my little niche as a digital nomad and, more recently, entrepreneur. You can read more here where I answered the question that I get asked about 43925704375943 times a week.

Time has passed since I wrote that blog post and in the meantime, I’ve religiously decided to drop anything that wasn’t very profitable, long-term or aligned to my values. To cut the story short, I’ve slowly narrowed my scope to become a remote content creator, influencerSEO specialist and yes, start-up entreprenuer. Maybe a weird mix, but one that works extremely well for me, but especially for my clients.

Since I’ve achieved the official status of digital nomad I could no longer stay in remote places or hostels with crappy wi-fi. Being connected has become essential to me and that’s why in Cambodia, a country known to lack reliable wifi I decided to get in touch with MAADS. This is a little chain of stunning boutique hotels all around Cambodia. But the peculiar aspect of each and every hotel that belongs to MAADS is that they all offer impressive comfort for us, the vagabonding digital nomads.

Not only they are impressive structures that offer all sort of services you might need, you can also rely on FAST internet and comfortable working stations.

While I was in Cambodia, I had the unique opportunity to stay at two of their properties in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Guess what? Both times, I extended my stay and I was tempted to just lock myself in the room and move in. Forever.


All MAADS hotels have a distinctive identity and each remains true to its local architectural heritage, design and atmosphere. The founders, Marie and Alexis de Suremain, are the minds behind this string of hotels, restaurants and shops in Cambodia.

Nature has always been the inspiration behind all their projects starting from the opening of the first hotel in Phnom Penh, in 2006. To today, the founders and MAADS stand for responsible and sustainable tourism.

But MAADS is so much more than this. It’s also known for:

  • respecting and actively contributing to the destination by promoting local creativity and cultural activities
  • offering more than facilities, food and a bed. People choose MAADS to immerse themselves in a dream
  • being inspired and devoted to the natural environment.



The property

Minutes away from the spectacular Angkor Wat and located in a very quiet area of Siem Reap away from the tourists, Templation is a true oasis of calm, silence and beauty.

The hotel features Junior Suites, Pool Suites and Pool Villas as well as a RestaurantSpa & FitnessMain Pool and the shop Cambomania.

During our stay, Ale and I had the fantastic opportunity to be the first guests to attend a local cooking class lead by the Head Chef. Set in the gorgeous garden and filled with delicious spices and tastes it was one of the highlights of our stay.

Templation Gallery



Templation is north of the new Angkor Ticketing Center, closer to the entrance to the temples, and at 9 kms from Siem Reap International Airport, avoiding congested downtown Siem Reap. A 5mns drive will get you to Angkor Wat, the National Museum or the city centre.  +855 (0)63 969 345  +855 (0)92 783 622  Rok Rak Street, Modul 3, Phum Sla Kram, Siem Reap, Cambodia


The property

Inspired by Asia’s love and knowledge for tea, Tea House is one of Phnom Penh most peculiar hotels. The design combines classic Chinese details with the latest technology and facilities. Once you step inside, you will feel like entering a secret garden of quiet and peace right in the middle of Cambodia capital city. The perfect place to relax and get some work done.

The hotel features a Tea LoungePoolTea GardenRestaurantSpa and a Cambomania shop.

All the rooms are simple yet stylish and you can choose from two bedroom suite to our standard double for lone travellers or couples, all include free (fast) Wi-Fi and generous buffet breakfast.

Teahouse Gallery


TeaHouse:  +855 (0)23 212 789  #32, Street 242,  Phnom Penh, Cambodia


If you also would like to stay at Teahouse MAADS in Phnom Penh while exploring Cambodia, make sure to use the DIGINOMAADS code when booking so that you can enjoy a 10% discount and a free 30-minutes massage. [Long/medium arrangements also available]


Massive thank you to MAADS, Bernard Cohen and my favourite model Alessandra.

  • The hotel looks so stunning, I love the luxury feel of it and the attention to details. I wish to travel to Cambodia just so that I can stay in a place like this. The modern design of the rooms and the big pool are definitely pluses of this boutique hotel chain. What a great little place to relax!

    • Thank you, Joanna! Yes, that’s exactly what I thought about both hotels when I was staying there…hard not to feel at home there! 🙂

  • Finding Jing

    I love how the hotel looks modern and yet with a touch of local feel. It looks like a great place for both refreshing the mind and getting into work mode. I’m heading to Siem Reap in a few months from now and will consider this as a place to stay.

    • Awesome! Please let me know if you are thinking of staying at Templation, I might have a new code for you for that hotel too 🙂

  • Kristine AARSHEIM

    The hotel looks so modern and stylish ! I’d love to stay there on my (hopefully) future trip to Cambodia. It’s a country I’m very interested in visiting, and this hotel makes it even more tempting to go there!

    • Yes, I can only recommend MAADS hotels 100%. The facilities and the staff are just incredible. Let me know if you need tips about Cambodia, I’m writing a separate post about my time there.

  • Abhinav Singh

    I myself prefer staying at properties which have a strong
    connection with local culture. The MAADS hotel look so luxurious and
    comfortable. I am glad that it’s near Angkor Wat. What’s not to love?

  • I totally understand when you say digital nomad. Being one myself, I know that a good internet is very important for our trips. I would love to stay here whenever I visit Cambodia. MAADs looks perfectly designed for young travelers.

    • What do you do as a DN? Yup, MAADS is one of the most perfect hotels I found it you need to work as well as explore! 🙂 Highly recommended!

  • Marissa Abao

    I am a digital nomad too. I always seek accommodations which have strong WIFI connection. The MAADS hotel look pleasant and comfortable. I would consider staying here when I plan to visit Cambodia. I hope that it is not that expensive.

    Iza c/o Kathy James (Walk About Wanderer)

    • Hey fellow DN! Isn’t it hard to find those type of hotels? I personally rely more on airbnb or hostels since hotels normally provide very terrible and wifi where you have to log in every single time. Finally I found some that are actually great for our needs! 🙂

  • We are aiming to become digital nomads next year – really is our goal as we can’t keep refusing trips because of our FT work! This spot in Cambodia is amazing. Your photos makes us want to just leave everything now and go asap! HUGE bathtub – that is DREAMS!

    • I know how you are feeling! Make sure to have save and have a plan B just in case something takes longer to happen than expected 🙂 best of luck! Oh and yeah..the bathtub was THE BEST EVER!! 😀

  • Gareth Thompson

    As an aspiring digital nomad myself, I’m always on the look out for somewhere that allows me to live cheaply while still living somewhere that provides decent inspiration. And while, as you mentioned, the internet might be a bit spotty Cambodia certainly is the kind of place to do it, even more so if it is somewhere like MAADS. It is great to know there is somewhere that caters so well to location independent workers and I can just imagine getting plenty of work churned out while sunning myself by the poolside!

  • Torgeir Wigum Lindland

    How Nice to see wifi is becoming more and more reliable even in Cambodia. Good to kow where I can find reliable wifi when travelling there. Searching for a good hotspot can be one of the biggest annoiances when travelling. Also love the fact they promote local creativity and Cultural Projects. Hotels and tour operators giving back to the local community always get a big plus in my book. Thank you for a great post 🙂