My Weekend in Hossegor with JO&JOE

I had only been home for a few days after my 21-month around the world trip when I boarded yet another plane to join a press trip for the opening of JO&JOE in Hossegor. I could not say no to Accor Hotels and their latest brand launch. Firstly because I’m always hungry for new adventures and always on the hunt for fantastic locations and hotels for my fellow digital nomads and travellers for my global collection of connected homes (places where you can live, work and travel feeling at home and stay connected), second because travelling is always a great idea and I never say no to it!

So, I quickly packed my bag and off I went to explore and admire the new concept by  Accorhotel in collaboration with Quiksilver and Roxy.

As soon as my fellow bloggers and I landed in Biarritz, we were welcomed by the Accor Hotels team and a nice lux car that took us to a full immersion into surfboards manufacturing at Euroglass incredible facilities in Hossegor.

Euroglass was founded in 1990 to supply Quiksilver with premium surfboards and for the past 25 years, the team has worked extremely hard to produce top boards while innovating in style, design and materials. Euroglass’ boards are used by worldwide surfing champions all around the world and, being a surfing beginner myself, for me it was like being in a candy shop.

After this incredible visit, we were finally taken to explore JO&JOE open house.

What’s so special about JO&JOE?

Well, for a start, this is a very new concept of open house hotel which Accor had in mind. They wanted to create something for the millennials, which would represent them and make them feel welcome and free. But also which would be founded on three words: security, privacy and friendliness. To realize that they collaborated with specialist such as psychologist, doctors who could study the mindset of this generation which they wanted to reach.

This fantastic historic building is an open house that welcomes neighbours and travellers alike. It’s a cool, affordable and caring hostel but also a hotel and a home for some. It’s filled with a smart and irreverent design where you are invited to indulge in all sort of cocktails, live music and events.

The Jo&Joe home in Hossegor is the very first that Accor Hotel has opened in the world but they are planning on opening 15 in total over the next 3 years.

Since JO&JOE is a brand that goes beyond hospitality and travel but that aims to reach and mix the local community with travellers, the founders have also created a cool app (available both on the Apple Store and Google Play) where you can join events around you but also pay your hotel bills since the open house is cash-free – isn’t that a dream come true?

They have different types of rooms, shared and private. The shared rooms we’ll go up to 10 beds and the private rooms can be for 2 to 5 people.

All the rooms are incredibly spacious, bright, practical and with VERY comfortable bed. Each bed comes with built-in lights, fan, USB socket, plug and curtains for extra privacy.

Around the house there is lots of space to relax and chill: large sofas, hammocks, giant flamingos and long chairs, but if you are feeling active, you will also find a ping-pong table, a climbing wall, a slackline and yoga lessons too.

What to do in Hossegor?

Hossegor is a small french seaside town by the Atlantic, perfect for those who love the ocean and its waves. The village is full of cute little restaurants, bars, boutiques, shops and of course waves: Hossegor is the favourite French destination for surfers from all over the world and it has gained a glamourous spot among the best places to surf. Hossegor is also very good for other wet and dry activities (read more below). Basically, Hossegor is the perfect place to indulge in a sporty weekend or a chilled vacation.

Surf and SUP with Hossegor Surf Club

I might still have some salt in my hair since the last time I was surfing in Bali, but I am still very far from being a pro, so the lesson with the team of HSC was simply amazing and despite the short waves, we had loads of fun!

Dine at Heads Beach Brewing Company

My fellow bloggers and Instagrammers were spoiled with burgers from Heads, a gorgeous restaurant right on the beach in Hossegor where we had the opportunity to taste some delicious meat and veggie burgers obviously accompanied by french fries and local beer.

Lunch at Le Mango Tree

On Saturday morning, after yoga, breakfast and surfing, we had a gorgeous pic nic organised by the guys of the Le Mango Tree in a cute park along the river. It was not only beautiful and healthy but also very yummy!

Fat Biking

I had never tried those very cool bikes before, but going around Hossegor and the beach was such great fun!

For more inspirations and ideas about what to do in Hossegor, follow @hossegorofficiel on Instagram and don’t miss a thing and follow Jo&Joe on Facebook and Instagram!

Once again, it was amazing to meet other interesting fellow bloggers and travellers and the JO&JOE, Roxy & Quicksilver was probably the most  welcoming client I’ve met so far.






  • Kathy James

    This sounds like an awesome hostel. I regularly stay in hostel and I love it when you find a great one like this. I especially love that they have a curtain up for the beds in the dorm. So many places forget that it is hard to sleep in such a communal environment. And the USB plugs!! My dream.
    As for the fat biking! I too have always wanted to try it. It that the proper term for it? I love it!

    • This is not even a hostel, really! it’s more of an open house as Accor like to say. I agree with you, I think all hostel should now have the curtains and the USB plugs as mandatory! And yes, fat biking is the proper term 🙂

  • Anete Ilmete

    oh wow! This is totally my kind of hotel! I absolutely love the surf vibes and interior of this place. The moresurf boards the better! 🙂 This is definitely on my “places to visit” list. Thanks for the great insight! 🙂

    • Thank you, Anete! Yes, it’s totally worth a visit and if you are into surfing, you are going to love the waves in Hossegor as well as the international surfing community there.

  • Fiona Mai

    I like the concept of Jo&Joe, the way Accor wants to connect with millennials and the efforts they have put into understanding millennials’ mindsets. This place seems super exciting with so many things to do. It was also such a great experience you had to meet up with other bloggers and travellers 😀

    • Right? It’s very positive that such an established hotel chain has decided to pay attention to millenials. They are the future and it’s really important that they adapt to their needs and preferences. I think Jo&Joe is the perfect answer to them ! And yes, I love meeting new people, but this group of travel bloggers was very special ! 🙂

  • The surfboard concept of this accommodation is truly unique. I like that there is a laid back atmosphere to it, which is really what hotel accommodations should be about. And there are so many fun activities too! Looks like you had a grand time!

    • Thank you Abby! Yes, the entire concept is so innovative and fun. The staff is really there to make you feel at home and I could easily spend an entire summer there..maybe I will and finally learn to surf properly!! LOL!

  • Lisa Rivera

    Jo and Joe looks like so much fun! The facilities are perfect for surfers/water sports enthusiasts, and the weather looked perfect too. It’s always nice to connect with other travel bloggers, I’ll remember this hotel for when I’m in Biarritz 🙂

    • The weather was perfect and for those who surf, the conditions are great there. Yes, please remember to visit Jo&Joe if you are ever in the area, you are going to love it! 🙂

  • Aditi Shukla

    Glad that you had fun, and that’s really important. I love the concept of The Jo&Joe – it looks so fresh and vibrant. Cheers!!

  • Deni Verklan

    It seems like Jo&Joe definitely know how to make millennials happy!! Yoga, paddle boarding, surfing and that beautiful interior space! It’s such a dreamy place to stay! I also love how you saw how surf boards were made! We have a family friend who has custom made my parents’ windsurf board many years ago, it is was so cool to see how it was made! Definitely book marking this for the next time I’m on the French coast!!

    • Thanks Deni! Yes, it was great to see how the board takes form from a block…and the colours, the design! Everything was incredible at Euroglass! I loved it! 🙂

  • James Smith

    You guys look to have had a fun weekend! I’d never heard of Jo and Joe before but I know know what it’s all about. Those orange juices you had on the picnic organised by Le Mango Tree look very refreshing!

    • It’s a brand new concept, no surprise you haven’t heard of it before! 🙂 The lunch from Le Mango tree was amazing!!

  • This looks like so much fun! What a lively and youthful place to stay. I’ve never heard of anything like this before but it sure does look like a great concept. There was obviously a lot of careful thought, planning and research into what would appeal to millennials. Yay for SUP and surfing too! I’ve always wanted to go surfing in Biarritz.