Relais & Châteaux Il Borro – A place like no other

Il Borro

Set in the middle of a superb 700-hectare Tuscan estate, the Relais & Châteaux Il Borro is an oasis of charm in the form of a mediaeval village with a villa, a farm, many traditional shops, a modern SPA and farm buildings. Vineyards, gardens, tennis courts and horse fields surround this incredible Tuscan paradise where wines and olive oil are produced by traditional methods and are an integral part of the landscape of the region. The property mixes ingredients like art, style and haute cuisine to the old traditions of the best wine-making creating a combination of sublime perfection that is best appreciated when spending a few days at Il Borro.

 Il Borro was the third hotel of our The Art of Wine Living press trip among some of the most stunning Italian Relais & Chateaux properties was. I only wish I could have stayed there for a week. Or two. Or forever.

Relais & Chateaux - Il Borro

History and traditions OF Il BOrro

The story of Il Borro estate starts as a fortress built to defend a strategic area crossed by stretches of the Clodia and Cassia, two important Roman roads which made it the object of contrasts and disputes between local factions and noble families. In 1254, the Marquis Borro Borri, then mayor of Arezzo, bought the property but it was only in the 16th century, under Alessandro del Borro that the village took his current shape and look.

In the mid-Fifties, Il Borro passed to Duke Amedeo of Savoy-Aosta and in 1993 the Duke sold the entire property to the Ferragamo family during what Ferruccio Ferragamo often called “an enduring act of faith”. He and his son, Salvatore spent more than a decade restoring and refurbishing the ancient place while taking care and preserving its old traditions and history.

Relais & Chateaux - Il Borro

Today, walking around the medieval village and passing by the old shops and artisans’ workshops you can clearly feel and breath the values that the Ferragamo family wanted to protect and preserve: the atmosphere of the past times taken to today and to the future generations.

The borgo still features the ancient church which two times a month is still used for the religious function which attracts locals, guests and the staff. The integration with the local community is vivid and alive in all the aspects of the resort.


The art of WIne-making at Relais & Chateaux Il borrO

The winemaking revival at Il Borro begins in 1995, two years after the Ferragamo family bought the estate. Ferruccio decided to make the most of the temperate climate and the excellent exposure of the vineyards combined with an ideal soil for the cultivation of the vine.

In 2012 the estate converted to biodynamic agriculture with the aim of obtaining an even more fertile soil and an ever-better quality product with no use at all of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The whole production at Il Borro is organic since 2015 and in the same year, Il Borro produced the first two organic certified wines: Borrigiano and Petruna.

“Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world” Ernest Hemingway

Relais & Chateaux - Il Borro

Thanks to its eco-sustainable choices, biodynamic principles and respect for the environment, Il Borro is an example of sustainable agriculture and development as well as a zero carbon footprint estate.

A tour of the Il Borro Cellars is a journey to the heart of Tuscan wine-making tradition and a chance to learn more about this “art”. Here, in one of the oldest cellars in Italy, the first ever Chianti wine was produced, and today as then, the magic of winemaking continues with the same passion and commitment. Accompanied by experts you will see the different steps that turn simple grapes into fine wines and the vats, barrels and barriques that make this possible.

The labels produced at Il Borro are:

IL BORRO – 50% Merlot, 35% Cabernet, 10% Syrah, 5% Petit Verdot
POLISSENA – 100% Sangiovese
PIAN DI NOVA – 75% Syrah, 25% Sangiovese
LAMELLE – 100% Chardonnay
BOLLE DI BORRO – Classic Method Rosé, 100% Sangiovese
GRAPPA DEL BORRO – 100% organic Petit Verdot
BORRIGIANO – 35% Syrah, 40% Merlot, 25% Sangiovese
PETRUNA – 100% Sangiovese
ROSÈ DEL BORRO – 100% Sangiovese

We were lucky to be at Il Borro during their Winederful Harvesting Day 2017 and, after learning the ropes of grapes cropping, we were spoiled by a fantastic BBQ which we washed away with some of the delicious wine produced right in the estate and mentioned above.

Il Borro



Sustainability and respect for the local community and the territory are the guiding principles in everything Il Borro does. The Ferragamo family made a commitment to respect the local ecosystem so that every product would be a real expression of the territory. These principles are also applied to the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil which began in 1996. The harvest is done manually and a biodynamic approach is used during the crushing and pressing phases.

Relais & Chateaux - Il Borro

Another great example of Il Borro’s sustainable approach is the Orto del Borro which takes an entire hectare of the property. It was certified as organic in 2014 and it employs centuries-old practices like crop rotation which allows the land to regenerate. The produce is used in the kitchens of the resort creating km-zero and tasty dishes.

With its constant focus on the ecosystem, in 2014 Il Borro also decided to welcome bees. 30 hives were set up in the natural reserve for the entirely organic production of honey and since 2015 they also have 200 chickens for the production of organic, free-range eggs.

FOOD & TAste At RElais & Chateaux, Il borro

Il Borro features three restaurants each with its own identity and style but all under the direction of the Executive Chef Andrea Campani. His cuisine is based on the idea that every dish deserves a special emotion and that eating should involve all our senses. The venues are open also to non-residents and aim to satisfy the tastes of all guests.

The Osteria del Borro is a gourmet restaurant where Andrea Campani offers the unique opportunity to discover the traditional Tuscan cuisine with a touch of futuristic taste. The venue features elegant and refined rooms making the place the perfect spot to enjoy a mouthwatering dinner. 

The Tuscan Bistro is a more informal restaurant, ideal to enjoy breakfast or a delicious meal with locally sourced products. The concept is also present in Florence as the Tuscan Bistro Firenze as well as in Dubai in the luxurious Hotel Al Naseem Madinat Jumeirah. The restaurant gained its Gambero Rosso Best Italian Restaurant award only 5 months after its opening.

The Vin Cafè offers light lunches, tea or a glass of wine that can be enjoyed admiring the picturesque medieval village or while sitting at the side of the infinity pool.

The Ferragamo Family: a story of fashion, style and art

In 1996, Salvatore and Ferruccio Ferragamo decided to replant the Il Borro vineyards and concomitant Ferruccio decided to start a unique and private collection of engravings with a wine theme. Today, after many years of research and scouting, some of these artworks are currently on display in the Ferragamo Museum, where visitors are taken on a journey through the Il Borro history, from Alessandro Del Borro to the Medici to the House of Savoy and the finally the Ferragamo family. The gallery includes artworks by great artists such as Mantegna, Picasso, Goya and Warhol.  

For info and booking:   tel:+39 3665601139








Right at the centre of the estate, there is an oasis of wellbeing where guests can keep in shape with gym or yoga classes, be pampered in the exclusive Spa Suite and enjoy regenerating treatments at the hands of expert therapists.

I must confess I had various massages in my life, but Valerie’s hands made miracles to my stressed back and neck. Truly, it was the best treatment ever!

Relais & Chateaux - Il Borro

Whether you are strolling through the narrow streets of the village, relaxing at the pools, enjoying treatments at Il Borro Spa or the traditional cuisine at one of the restaurants, you will experience the same pleasure: that of a particular art of living only possible at Il Borro. 

About Relais & Châteaux

Relais & Châteaux is an exclusive collection of 540 of the finest luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants in 60 countries. Established in France in 1954, the mission of the Association is to divulge its unique art of living in the world by selecting exceptional structures with fan unrivalled tradition and heritage.

Relais & Châteaux is also a family of hoteliers and Grands Chefs from all over the world who share their passion and personal commitment to give their Guests moments of exceptional harmony. Choosing Relais & Châteaux is choosing an unforgettable celebration of the senses. The signature of Relais & Châteaux reflects this ambition:















  • IL Borro is literally a place like no other. It really fascinated me that the place is not only famous for wine making and tasting, but the accommodation part is also bang on. Wine tasting that too in such a wonderful place, with a history behind it, is like n experience like no other.

    • Yes, the mix of wine, food and luxury accommodation makes Il Borro the perfect place for a romantic, family holiday or even for a wedding party!

  • On behalf of Il Borro’s social media team, thank you for joining us at our vendemmia party!

  • Lisa Rivera

    Il Borro looks like my kind of hotel. It has everything from the wonderful sounding osteria to the relaxing spa suite. It’s great to read about their approach to sustainability, and keeping old traditions alive. I spend a lot of time in Italy, and this is another reminder about why I love to return. I would love to try the Chianti here, I’m sure it’s molto buono 😀

    • LOL! Yes, è molto buono e molto bello! I always try to choose clients that have a sustainable approach and I was so pleased to see that Il Borro is totally integrated into the territory and is completely carbon emission free.

  • What a special location Il Borro is! As a keen Instagrammer I would love to visit take the photo of the seemingly endless row of barrels. To enjoy a snack from the Vin Cafe whilst enjoying the views of the infinity pool would be perfect!

    • Haha! It was Instagram heaven! I took tons of photos and I still have to finish to go through them!

  • oh wow – it’s stunning! I love that they’ve embraced a model of sustainability while still focusing on the beauty and design of the property. It’s gorgeous.

    • I agree! I love the fact that it’s a real luxury estate but it’s completely integrated in the territory and in the nature while being sustainable and eco-friendly. This is the future!

  • alessandra scoprireGoa

    Awesome! I’m a wine-addicted and I’ve never heard about Il Borro… next time I’ll go to Tuscany will be a must go place. Amazing pics as well!

    • Really? Never heard of it? I’m glad I’ve shown you something new then! 🙂

  • I haven’t been to Tuscany (yet), but Il Boro looks like an amazing place to visit. Great food, wine, art, and a spa is all good in my book. I love how sustainable and committed to the local community and tradition that Il Boro is.

    • Totally! Tuscany is a must-visit! And Il Borro would be a great option too! 🙂 Let me know if you end up going there one day x

  • Marcie

    Holy moly! I actually stayed here for a wedding 2 years ago and it was AMAZING! The little village was so quaint and our toddler loved exploring around. The little Pinnocchio display was pretty interesting! We thoroughly enjoyed the wine and olive oil produced at Il Borro. This post makes me want to go back asap!

    • Really! That’s amazing!! Do you remember which room did you stay at? Oh yeah! The Pinocchio display was amazing!

  • Lydia Smith

    The aura of Il Borro is next to none compared to what I’ve read so far about countries. I can bet I haven’t seen a place that beats the elegance and luxury of this place. The landscape, the winery and art pieces are amazing and lovely. Once your post gets to the world, I can bet the influx of tourist would be a thing of record ’cause many would love Tuscany’s Il Borro.

    • Thank you so much Lydia! I hope that more people will want to visit Il Borro after this post. It would be awesome, because it’s truly an amazing place!

  • Kathy VA

    I like that Il Borro offers healthy luxury. The fusion winery, art and wellness is the best way to a good living. I love the landscape and I think Il Borro is the perfect getaway. Thanks for the feature, I’d be adding here to my visit list.

    • Thank you, Kathy! That’s right! I think that the mix of luxury, wine, food and art is simply the best. Add nature to it and I’m sold! 🙂

  • 700 hectares? That’s huuuuuuge! Whoa! I wouldn’t find enough time or energy just to explore this 700 hectares! That too with the history that’s since 13th C CE, it’s totally my kinda place. I’m a wine lover and to know that these are manufactured without using pesticides, I’m just so glad!!!

    • Thank you Bhushavali! Yes, it’s a huge estate (and they have electric cars to get around!) and if you spend a few days there is the best way to see some of it!