Il Principe di Savoia, Dorchester Collection, Milan, Italy

You know I’m not a big fan of big, global, heartless hotel chains where you end up waking up in exactly the same room whether you are in ParisRio or Sydney. I’ve spent too much time in those kind of hotels when I was travelling for work in my previous life and I think that for this exact reason, I am now a  big fan of Airbnb, boutique hotels and quirky accommodations that have a personality and do things differently.

Explore this brand new section of my website where I collect the best hotels I’ve dreamt in so far [it’s a work in progress while I create new posts for each hotel, you can still check them out in my travel section in the meantime!]

If you are an ethical, eco or just different hotel and wish to be included in this list, please do not hesitate to drop me a line to sabrina.andrea.sachs@gmail.com, I’d be happy to arrange a visit if in line with my travel plans or to discuss potential  opportunities of collaboration.