A remarkable bookshelf

This is a small collection of remarkable books that have inspired me and many other people to Change. They represent the kick in the a** that pushed me to take the road less travelled and often the harder one. This is just the first row on this new bookshelf, please feel free to leave your favourite life-changing books in the comments below.

inspirational books


A year ago I launched a global, virtual bookclub and this is one of the books we discussed. You can read more about it, here.

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear





remarkable books


A book that has inspired a generation of unhappy Italians to find and pursue the Right Track (in Italian for now, but I’m sure it will be translated in various languages soon!)

Sulla strada giusta (Italian Edition)





remarkable books


A great suggestion from one of my readers.

Finding Your Own North Star: How to claim the life you were meant to live





Remarkable books


A classic, inspirational best-seller that you must read. Yes, even if you don’t own a Ferrari 🙂
The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari






Note: Yes, the ones above are affiliated links – when you buy a remarkable book through them, a minuscule fraction (around 0.00000001% ) of the price goes to me, which I re-invest to mantaning this blog. And yes, having a blog (domain, hosting etc) is expensive.. around £150/year without considering outsourced maintenance since I’m the world’s dummiest in terms of website design and management! 🙂 Thank you <3