Bath: the perfect weekend getaway from London

When Trivago asked me to spend some time in Bath researching for the best hotels in town and write an article Bath: the perfect weekend getaway from London, it was a matter of seconds and I immediately said yes! and jumped on the first plane.

I had already been to Bath on a day trip when I was hired to photograph and write about the Bristol International Balloons Festival a few years ago, but a day in Bath wasn’t enough to see everything that the city has to offer. This time, I spent over a week in Bath, exploring the city and the surroundings and you can read everything for the perfect weekend away here and if you are looking for the perfect hotel, here are my suggestions on Trivago.



Climb the 212 steps to the top where you can get incredible views of the entire city and beyond.


Get a clear idea of how the ancient Romans treated themselves before the modern SPAs.


I never get enough of architecture – one of my (many) childhood dreams was to become an architect – so this full and half-circle of limestone houses is not just a pleasant surprise to the eye, but also the perfect setting for a (thousands)  Instagram shots.


If you live in London or Bath, this is the place to go if you are in need of super cute and vintage homeware. It also serves tea, coffee and cakes.


Not one, but two venues of this coffee institution that serves single origins beans along with great snacks and cakes.


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Read more about Bath: the perfect weekend getaway from London here and book your hotel here

Thank you to Visit Bath for your help, passes and hospitality.

Note: This is a sponsored post by Trivago – all views are my own. 



Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

When you see the Earth from above, you realise how little and almost insignificant we all are.
I was lucky enough to be part of the media team at the Bristol Balloon Festival this week and it was such a unforgettable experience. Like a child on Christmas’ eve I was looking in amazement at all these colourful hot-air balloons being prepared and taking off and flying far, far away. I was waiting and hoping to jump on one for a flight above the city of Bristol and I did so at dawn of my last day there and I swear it was one of the best things I have ever done in my life.
Today is the last day so I highly recommend you to go, now! You don’t want to wait until next year!
Enjoy !

You might be thinking, but why this Festival? And why in Bristol? Well, everything started in the early 1960’s when a young aeronautical engineer, Don Cameron moved to Bristol to join the Bristol Aeroplane Company. Don and other members of the Bristol Gliding Club produced the first modern hot-air balloon in Western Europe in 1967. After spending a few years building balloons as a hobby, Don decided to quit is job to found his own firm,  Cameron Balloons Ltd. In 1979, after a few exciting flights across deserts and ocean, the first  Bristol International Balloon Fiesta was held at its current site in Ashton Court. There were 27 balloons that weekend, and now the Fiesta, at its 37th Anniversary attracts over 100 hot air balloons, half a million visitors and it’s surely an iconic event for the city of Bristol as well as Europe’s largest ballooning event. It’s a spectacular (and free!) weekend for kids and grown-ups.

*A separate micro-guide of a weekend in Bristol & Bath will be up very soon.


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