Thank you, Miss Fear

storyteller in India

To the ones who asked me W H Y I left my very good and well-paid job in London, to the dozens emails I receive weekly asking how, and to the many messages and comments seeking advice on how to follow your desire to travel the world.

Well, here is the honest answer you were waiting for.


Yes, in November 2014 Miss Fear paid me a visit and pushed me out of my comfort zone and easy life in the UK.

Fear to be missing out, fear I would never be truly happy despite all my successes and accomplishments on the corporate ladder, fear I would postpone my own dream to travel to prioritise th common goal of a shining CV and spotless career.
Fear I would never see the world with my own eyes, photograph it or writing about it.
Fear my travel around Australasia would stay in the dream drawer forever.
Fear that I might actually die before I could see all the things I wanted to see, do, experience or be.
Fear I would never touch the Taj Mahal, speak a few words of Hindi and fear I couldn’t never surf in Australia, fear I would never ride a camel. Fear I couldn’t never see a kangaroo or hug a koala or watch the stars in the middle of the desert.
Fear I wouldn’t see the skyscrapers in Hong Kong or discover the secret of mysterious Myanmar.
Fear I would miss my one chance for happiness. And this might sound all a bit dramatic, because it is in fact. When somebody close to you does die, that fear you have dominated or forgotten for so long, comes out of nowhere and starts eating you alive. This is what happened last year and this is what got me on the road 6 months later.


Get out
Eat the world
Learn a new language
Dance with strangers
Close your map
Get lost
Inspire and be inspired
Switch your phone off
Be alive

F E E L 

This is my mission.

What is yours?