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After a successful 8-year career in management consulting and as a Senior Project Manager at one of the world’s largest online companies in London, I’ve realised I still had dreams to fulfil and the need to learn something new. In the last three and half years, I’ve been intensively studying about social media marketing, affiliation and SEO. While I was still working full-time I managed to get my first clients working at dawn, night or at weekends and once I took off for my around-the-world trip back in September 2015, my new life as a digital nomad started.

Today, 19 months and 13 countries later, I am a full-time traveller and part-time SEO Specialist, Content Creator and Storyteller.

My MISSION is to INSPIRE and EDUCATE people, while promoting  RESPONSIBLE and SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL around the world. 

This is how I can help your business to grow:

SEO, Writing & Content Creation

SEO auditing and optimisation
Creative content creation
Content for your blog or social media channels
Link building strategy and keyword planning

Media & Press Trips

Unique written content,
Multi-channel social media coverage to an engaged 100k audience
High-quality landscape, food, mobile photography
Compelling and inspirational storytelling
Instagram takeovers, competitions, workshops & meetups
Contests and give-aways
Image Licensing/Usage

Sponsored Content & Brand Ambassadorships

If you think your goals and my values are aligned, then consider “Another life is Possible” for a long-term collaboration

Relevant sponsored content
Promotion on our blog and social media channels
Links to your company’s website

Today, alongside some shorter and specific projects, I’m the resident SEO travel blogger at Spotahome,com and the SEO Writer/Editor of For these amazing companies, I write about travels, dreams and destinations. You can read some of my work in their blogs by exploring their websites.



If you wish to know more about how I can help you with the above, please contact me via email with details of your idea/proposal or problem and let’s discuss my current availability and strategy.


Travel, Leisure & Hospitality   

Fashion, Tech, Lifestyle & Sport

Food & Wellness

Charities, NGOs & Social Brand Ambassadorships



Are you an ethical, sustainable travel/fashion brand? Are you a start-up in the digital world or a humanitarian mission?
We should create something wonderful together. I love working with like-minded people and companies that are relevant to this blog and my audience. I create the entire content of this blog and I don’t accept guest posts however, I do offer sponsored posts or other forms of partnerships if there is a good match between you and I. I’m here to help innovative brands with huge ideas to gain their spot in the World-Wild-Web and across social medias. Tell me what you’re all about and where you want to go, and we will get there together.


Haley Spector

Sabrina has been part of the Spotahome content team for more than a year. From her personal travels and past experiences, she has worked with our team to create content that inspires our audience of travelers and expats looking to potentially move abroad. She is creative, self-motivated and a self-starter which we admire in Sabrina while working in a digital atmosphere. She has been a great addition to our team and we hope to continue working together in the future!

Haley Spector Marketing and Communications Director - Spotahome

@the_storyteller just wanted to say THANK YOU! I remembered seeing this post a few weeks back and when I arrived in Jaisalmer, we headed straight for The Gulaal – our stay at the hotel has been fantastic and the camel safari we booked through them was unbelievably memorable. Sleeping under a canopy of starts is impossible to describe and must only be witnessed first hand. Travel on and thank you again! xo

[The Gulaal Campaign – Oct 2015] [Tripzuki Campaign December 2015]
Mjalex14 Traveler

So lovely! So glad I found it through you! 🙂 I’ve been wanting to stay there and finally made it. Thanks to @the_storyteller.

[Tripzuki Campaign December 2015]

Can we sponsor you? We need to start a page and set you challenges! I want you to travel forever xxx

Lornalux Fashion Blogger

Never stop following you!

Roberto Company

You deserve all of your success. Such a well written and thoughtful blog. You make your own luck as you have shown. Wherever your travels take you make sure your captain of your own boat. Good luck

Wow! What a success story. Really inspirational. People do think it’s all about luck and making it easy. This proves nothing is easy but at the same time, nothing is impossible. Congratulations and wish you all the success and happiness in life.

You are an inspiration to me. You inspire me to continue to be a better person. To smile. To enjoy life and every single moment. To hope for the good. To hope for the good in everyone. To love, to let love in. I want to dive into the ocean as far as it goes and unveil its secrets. I want to see the world. There are so many places to explore. How do I become like you? 3rd December 2015

You rock, @the_storyteller! Amazing work! Keep photographing! 🙂


Please be aware I write all content on this website and do not accept pre-written sponsored posts. I will always provide my 100% honest, personal opinions. Brands wishing to work with me must be ethical, sustainable, innovative and relevant to this blog.