Happiness is doing what you love.

Now… There are some days that start in a special way and then, end even better.

Today was one of them.

I woke up to the amazing surprise of having gained my 1000th IG follower overnight.. Considering that’s my main window for photos right now, it was a big achievement for me.

A few hours later, on the same platform, an old photo of mine was featured by a global account.

And this evening I spent 2 and half hours learning from, and chatting to a major British photographer.

Now, these are the days that make me truly HAPPY and grateful. And proud. Proud to take it as it is. To let my passion finally sink into my veins and travel into my blood every day. Proud to feel a stupid dreamer.
Proud to don’t care about what others think. Proud to dream.
Whatever happens next…