As a decade fades…..

At 7.50am this morning of xx yrs ago a(nother) crazy Italian was born: me.

I thought it would be good to show my face for once as I don’t normally post selfies and it’s not easy for my fellow photographer to take my portrait either. So here you are, it might well be a temorary post 😁😁😁

As this decade fades,  with an hand on my heart I can say: what a life so far..

I lived in 3 different cities and in 2 different  countries, I moved into and out about 15 houses, I visited 35 countries across 4 continents. I graduated in economics and  taught at the same university
as visiting lecturer (twice! and will go back this March). I worked (my ass off), had several promotions and consequent salary increases,  often managing people twice my age.
I survived political battles and corporate bulls**ts. I grew professionally and personally and as planned I achieved ALL the  professional goals I had set for myself for this date, my 30th birthday.

I loved, oh god, I loved so much. 3 people only (at different times of course), but man,
I did. Intensely, furiously, profoundly… and I was loved Intensely, furiously, profoundly…

Friends have come and go.. and I left people behind too.. and the ones by my side now are the best ones I ever had.

I’ve changed, I matured, I cried, I suffered, I touched the bottom (many times), I screamed. I hated (one person only).

I loved my life. I hated it too.

But I always lived it so intensely.

I am here
And I am happy
I am