Tasmania, the island at the edge of the Earth

Black swans, white kangaroos, red devils, tiny penguins, oysters day and night, borealis auroras and the freshest air in Australia.

This and much more can be found on that little island called Tasmania that represents the last stop of the southern hemisphere if you were on your way to Antartica.

With its 68.400 km² and 515.000 inhabitants, Tasmania is as big as Ireland but almost a third of the country is not accessible and left to beautiful National Parks.

Tasmania is probably one of the most amazing and diverse places I’ve visited. So small and so large, so far and so close, an island of diversity and contrasts.

The old joke of being the tired and old cousin of Australia is finally over and Tasmania is actually on the top of dreams destination of many: Aussies and foreigners. Attracted by the wilderness, breathtaking landscapes the adventurers, by the food and the wine, the foodies. To wrap it up, Tassie, like its bigger sister island, has it all: parks, wildlife, food, wine, beaches, relax, adventures, chill out and luxury, there is something for everyone.

After the success of my last PDF guide of Canberra [thank you so much to ALL the people who already downloaded the file, I’m humbled!!], I’ve decided to create another one for Tasmania. I believe in sharing, especially sharing travel tips in this over-crowded and useless blogosphere, so I hope to help you out narrowing down what you really need to know. I’m of course happy for you to print and bring this itinerary along with you and/or share it with your friends by sending them a link to this post. Do let me know if you have any questions! 🙂
Note: This is what I did with my two travel buddies and you don’t need to do exactly the same, but you can take the bits that inspire you the most and create your own route.  I also don’t aim to suggest that I’m an expert at all, but I do want to reply to all the emails/messages I got about Tasmania all in once, so here is my itinerary and I’m pretty sure that it includes some of Tasmania’s most beautiful angles and spots that you will also enjoy.

I really enjoyed my two weeks in Tasmania, but while I was writing this guide and doing my research I found tons of other places I haven’t been to and that I’ve now added to my travel wish-list. I will surely be back, sooner or later. So, trust me when I tell you there is enough to see for months!

Top Tips for your Tassie vacation

* Bring the right gear, especially if i) you intend to climb or even just walk on mountains ii) you are planning a road trip. The weather (even in Summer) can be inclement and if you are not prepared it can ruin your trip (waterproof jacket is a must!)

– Book early, especially if you are planning to rent a motorhome or a camper van. It’s a very popular way to explore Australia’s smallest state and there is limited offer, especially in high season (Dec-March)

– A bit like in the rest of Australia, always try to avoid driving at dawn, dusk and night. The native wildlife are their most rambunctious at this time and you will hit an animal or too (we did!).


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