Exploring a New City? Be Sure To Include These Items In Your Daypack

Whether you are a traveler, or a digital nomad, exploring a new city can be one of the most enthralling activities. After all, they tend to be jam-packed with famous sights, captivating vistas, and even delicious treats that will excite your taste buds. However, if you want to have the best time during your explorations, you must not forget your daypack. In fact, to stay comfortable for the entire day, be sure to fill it with the items suggested below. 

Lightweight waterproof jacket

One of the most critical items to include in your daypack is a waterproof jacket that can be thrown over your current outfit. With that in mind, be sure to pick a lightweight one, so it doesn’t take up too much room in your pack or is too heavy to carry around. Also, make sure that it has a hood, so you can carry on exploring even if the heavens do open. 

Reusable water bottle – filled

You must stay hydrated when exploring a new city, which applies whether the climate is warm or cold. With that in mind, be sure to take along your reusable water bottle, and fill it up before you leave your accommodation.

Stainless Steel Refillable Water Bottle by inchiostro and paper

You can even get use apps like the one at https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/wetap-drinking-fountain-finder/id903424762 to get information on where free drinking fountains are in each city. Something that means you can fill up your bottle and stay hydrated even as you wander around. 


Once again, whether the weather is hot or cold, you should always include your sunglasses in your day pack. It’s always worth investing in a decent pair, too, as these will offer much better protection to your eyes. 

Of course, if you wear glasses already, you may be tempted to go for constant lenses and then use cheap highstreet sunglasses over the top. However, it’s a much better idea to invest in a proper prescription pair of sunglasses like the ones you can get from https://www.eyeglasses.com and then swap these out for your regular glasses when needed. After all, you don’t want to have to deal with a content lens emergency while you are out and about in an unfamiliar city and have no place to properly wash your hands before you stick your fingers in your eye.

Mini First aid kit

Also, in every daypack, there should be a small first aid kit. Such a kit should include plasters, paracetamol, and disinfectant wipes to treat basic, minor injuries. 

It’s also a smart idea to include items such as a pack of tissues, wet wipes, and even sunscreen wipes in your first aid kit. Then you can clean up or top up your sun protection while you are on the move without having to take a lengthy chunk out of your day. 


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Finally, an item that your daypack should always contain is a spare pair of dry and comfortable socks. These can then be used in case of wet feet, sweaty feet, or blisters. Issues that are, of course, common to those of us that avoid city explorers!