Six Top Tips to Stay Safe During Travels

Getting an injury, being robbed, getting sick, and other unfortunate circumstances can ruin your journey. Therefore, observing some practical travel safety tips is wise to prevent or counter glitches.

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Watch your Dressing

How you dress can make you an easy target for robbers and scammers. If you are going to a new place, do not make it obvious that you are a visitor. Instead, do your research and try to dress like the locals.

Some destinations and countries have laws regarding the dressing code. Therefore, it would be best to familiarize yourself with the laws of a new destination. Furthermore, it is wise to dress conservatively if you visit a conservative country for respect’s sake.

Note Down Emergency Contacts

Before you go on a journey, remember to save important details that can help you out of sticky situations. For example, you may not have the time to contact relevant people in the face of calamity. You may also be too anxious to act on your own.

Record contacts in places that other people can easily access. For example, you can write them on a card, laminate them, and then keep them in your purse. As you note the contacts, you also note how to make your travel impactful.

Learn Tactics of Self Defense

Learning the basics of self-defense is crucial for your safety. However, you do not have to apply them in all situations, so you need to discern when and when not to be defensive. For instance, do not resist if an armed robber wants you to give them money or belongings.

It would help if you only used force when your life is in danger, and there is no other way out. In addition, you can carry pepper spray to use for defense except when using commercial airlines. 

Set Aside Emergency Cash

Hide some cash in secret places among your clothing or belongings. Then, you can leave some emergency cash with a trusted friend or relative if you lose everything, including the hidden money.

A secret credit card and dummy wallet can save you a great deal. Have a dummy wallet with some money to give in a mugging scenario. For the credit card, do not carry it alongside other cards.

Use Safe Transport

Avoid travel mishaps by using reliable transportation companies. Get recommendations from relatives or friends who have used the services or check online to see reviews. If you lose your travel buddy due to the action or misaction of other people, contact a wrongful death lawyer who offers legal assistance to represent you in court.

Avoid Posing in Risky Places for Likes

Influence from social media has led people to take risky selfies. For instance, getting too close to wildlife or standing at the edge of a cliff to pose. Do not try to get more likes at the expense of your life. In addition, don’t ignore posted signs and cautions.


You cannot always avoid risks. However, you can mitigate them. Now that you have a wind of staying safe go on your journey and practice them. You will enjoy your journey more knowing that you are prepared to avoid danger.

Ways to make money while travelling

Most people, when asked, will tell you that their dream is to travel the world, which makes it one of the most famous dreams out there. The biggest problem with this dream is that it is no cheap hobby to have. What if there was a way that you could make some money while being on the road? Having a job that allows you to work remotely will benefit you in this regard, and it will also give you something to do for those rainy days when sightseeing is not an option. Here are some jobs that you should consider if you plan on doing some traveling.

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Freelance Writer

Do you have a way with words? Do you love writing about a variety of topics? Then you can make money while traveling the world with your talent. Freelance writing is the practice of writing while making money. You can either work on your own or work for a company. As a freelance writer, you produce copy that a client needs. You can make up to $50 for a 500-word article depending on who you are working for and your experience. 

Social Media Manager

If you use social media as a life support system, this will be the perfect opportunity for you. A social media manager is the person in an organization that monitors, filters, and measures the social media presence of a product, service, or individual. The only thing you need is a trustworthy laptop and WiFi. This is the perfect way to make money for those social media celebrities who also love travel. 


People also take pictures of places they have never been to, something that inspires them, and also people that bring them joy. Most of these elements are photographed by someone who is traveling. If photography is one of your many passions, consider making it your job while on the road. A lot of companies are in desperate need of excellent photographers that can capture the perfect image. When you are traveling, you have many opportunities to photograph images that a company will pay for. 


If you own a truck that you use to travel with, then this is a good alternative that might grab your attention a bit more. While traveling, you can visit for thousands of driver delivery jobs that are posted each day. This type of job will definitely not produce any dull moments, and will allow you to travel and earn money at the same time!

The list of remote jobs goes on and on, all thanks to the pandemic that shook the world in 2020. These few jobs mentioned above are merely to show you that there is a solution for every problem. It would be best if you did a lot of research on all the possibilities out there to find the one that suits you best. It is hard to think of a better lifestyle to make money while you travel the world.

Exploring a New City? Be Sure To Include These Items In Your Daypack

Whether you are a traveler, or a digital nomad, exploring a new city can be one of the most enthralling activities. After all, they tend to be jam-packed with famous sights, captivating vistas, and even delicious treats that will excite your taste buds. However, if you want to have the best time during your explorations, you must not forget your daypack. In fact, to stay comfortable for the entire day, be sure to fill it with the items suggested below. 

Lightweight waterproof jacket

One of the most critical items to include in your daypack is a waterproof jacket that can be thrown over your current outfit. With that in mind, be sure to pick a lightweight one, so it doesn’t take up too much room in your pack or is too heavy to carry around. Also, make sure that it has a hood, so you can carry on exploring even if the heavens do open. 

Reusable water bottle – filled

You must stay hydrated when exploring a new city, which applies whether the climate is warm or cold. With that in mind, be sure to take along your reusable water bottle, and fill it up before you leave your accommodation.

Stainless Steel Refillable Water Bottle by inchiostro and paper

You can even get use apps like the one at to get information on where free drinking fountains are in each city. Something that means you can fill up your bottle and stay hydrated even as you wander around. 


Once again, whether the weather is hot or cold, you should always include your sunglasses in your day pack. It’s always worth investing in a decent pair, too, as these will offer much better protection to your eyes. 

Of course, if you wear glasses already, you may be tempted to go for constant lenses and then use cheap highstreet sunglasses over the top. However, it’s a much better idea to invest in a proper prescription pair of sunglasses like the ones you can get from and then swap these out for your regular glasses when needed. After all, you don’t want to have to deal with a content lens emergency while you are out and about in an unfamiliar city and have no place to properly wash your hands before you stick your fingers in your eye.

Mini First aid kit

Also, in every daypack, there should be a small first aid kit. Such a kit should include plasters, paracetamol, and disinfectant wipes to treat basic, minor injuries. 

It’s also a smart idea to include items such as a pack of tissues, wet wipes, and even sunscreen wipes in your first aid kit. Then you can clean up or top up your sun protection while you are on the move without having to take a lengthy chunk out of your day. 


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Finally, an item that your daypack should always contain is a spare pair of dry and comfortable socks. These can then be used in case of wet feet, sweaty feet, or blisters. Issues that are, of course, common to those of us that avoid city explorers!

Tips for Taking Your Business Overseas

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If you’ve launched a brand that’s going well locally, taking your business overseas is probably a natural evolution.

Data released by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) suggests that while small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) have traditionally limited their presence to local markets, there are some that are successfully taking the global path. Around 25% of all manufacturing SMEs now have a global presence, and around 20% draw up to 40% of their revenue from the international market. Give that the global market presents numerous opportunities, how do business owners take the plunge?

Brand Development

There is no dearth of entrepreneurs and business owners who wish to test international waters. However, not everyone is equally successful, even though the product or service on offer might be up to the mark. The main reason a seemingly great product or service does not get the attention it deserves is poor brand positioning. As a result, you need to focus on your brand’s story and how you plan to sell your wares before you actually make the transition to a foreign land.

Think Local While Taking your Business Overseas

Your product or service might have a great demand in the United States, but there is no telling if it will have a similar demand in another country. Understanding the local market is also important if you wish to avoid nasty surprises down the road. Some big businesses have learnt this the hard way, examples being Target’s performance in Canada and Walmart’s in China.

Instead to sticking to tried-and-tested markets such as Europe, Canada, and Australia, you may consider looking for markets where there is a demand for your offerings. For example, if you trade in dried fruits and nuts, the Indian subcontinent deserves your attention.

Bear in mind that your business might get affected by cultural differences. If such a possibility exists, determine what you might be able to do to bridge any probable divide. If entering any new market makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s best that you look elsewhere. The local competition that you might face also requires due attention.

Build an Effective Team

One common factor between some of the most successful people is their ability to build strong teams. This becomes particularly important if you plan taking your business overseas because you might not be able to interact with your overseas employees as much as you would like. Other than proficiency, the traits you should look for include trustworthiness and dependability. Make sure communication channels remain open and be appreciative of every team member.

Deal With Foreign Currency Exchange in the Right Manner

Taking your business overseas will
require that you deal in exchange of foreign currency. This can be when you
receive payments from clients or when you need to pay suppliers or employees.
While several banks give businesses the ability to make and receive
cross-border payments, they tend to fare poorly when it comes to
cost-effectiveness, speed, and convenience. Fortunately, several overseas money
transfer companies such as TransferWise, WorldFirst, and OFX provide suitable services for SMEs.


The international marketplace has shrunk considerably over the last two decades, prompting an increasing number of businesses to go global. As long as business owners do the required groundwork, there is no reason why they cannot succeed. If you think there’s any other aspect that needs to be considered, please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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